Tax investigations

Death, divorce and moving house; the three biggest life crises that many of us will ever face, until the Revenue open an enquiry. When you or your business are selected for a full blown tax enquiry it can seem that the Inspector is looking into every aspect of your life and the burden of proof is on you as the taxpayer to show that you have complied with extremely complex tax legislation. This can place enormous stress on you and your business and the time taken to deal with the Revenue’s requests for information can be considerable.

Recent changes in legislation have altered the powers that the Inspectors have as well as amending the Revenue’s own internal guidance on the handling of such matters. The ability of the Revenue to open enquiries into earlier years over and above the year initially under scrutiny can mean the whole process escalates.

Our specialist team are experienced at dealing with all forms of tax investigations, knowing the respective rights of the taxpayers and the Revenue. We can guide you through the process and ensure that the enquiry is brought to a conclusion as quickly as possible at a minimum tax cost to you, so call us today for our assistance.